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Michelle must save her sister from the San Francisco brothels . . .

It’s one thing for Granger to rescue Falisha from white slavery. It’s another for him to admit he can find love more than once.


Please, browse through my website for news of my latest work in progress and writing tips/blog. Check out my links, especially the Blue Sage Writers of Idaho. Each member has their own distinct writing style and has written excellent blogs full of great advice and tips. No matter how long I’ve been writing, and I’ve been at the writing game for more years than I’d care to count, I’m always learning something new. 


Since I’ve been writing, I have had several articles, short stories, four plays, and two books published. My historicals were lead romances for the Berkley/Diamond line. Besides winning numerous awards while belonging to the Idaho Writer’s league, I was also 1991 Idaho Writer of The Year for my first novel Tender Deceptions. 


As a seven-year drama student, I’ve utilized my acting techniques in my writing, and I have given workshops at local, regional, and national conferences on implementing these skills. The protagonists, in the mystery series I’m working on, first appeared in my one-

act play, The Bachelor’s Christmas Family, as men hungry spinsters. They were so much fun to write, they later took center stage in my three-act play, The Ol’ Homestead-or-Foreclose With A Smile.


When I was writing T D, set in 1874, I needed some colorful characters among a group touring the opium dens of San Francisco’s, Chinatown. The audacious sisters gleefully stepped up. Now they demand to star in their own stories. With their penchant to ferret out trouble and their saucy natures, how could I not? 

Sherry Roseberry

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